Episode 1

Published on:

30th Jul 2020

#1 - The Impact Connections Learning Pod Network Manifesto

Welcome to The Learning Pod Network where we will be taking a deep dive into the new world of learning pods that are driving educational innovation around the world.

The world has been changed forever by COVID-19 right now, families in schools around the country are trying to figure out the best way forward without much support.

In this first episode of our podcast Impact Connections Founder Steven Eno talks about his experience in education and events throughout his life has pushed him to rewire education through humanity.

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About the Podcast

The Learning Pod Network
A weekly look into the best practices of learning pods in the Impact Connections Learning Pod Network.
Impact Connections has created a learning pod network to help all students and families get the best learning possible during COVID-19 and beyond.

Learning pods can finally give students and families the customized learning that they deserve.  Each learning pod in the Impact Connections network is customized to fit the education values of the families and the content interests for the students. 

In the short term that means that each family has an education option that gives them the learning they desire for their students with the amount of COVID-19 risk that they are comfortable with. 

In the long run it means that students can move at their own pace and learn things that they are interested in and care about. 

The days of sitting through courses and a school system that are built for the average student, which we now know means that they have been built for no one, are long gone. 

Here on The Learning Pod Network we will interview experts and discuss best practices, resources, and tools to help bring out the best in every student.