Episode 8

Published on:

1st Sep 2020

#8 - Dr. Alex Teece - Chief Education Officer at Dreamhouse 'Ewa Beach

In this episode I talk to Dr. Alex Teece about his journey that began with a Teach For America assignment in Ewa Beach and has culminated in the creation of DreamHouse 'Ewa Beach. Alex gives amazing insights into what is possible in education during COVID and beyond. His positive outlook and deep respect for indigenous Hawaiian culture gives us something our whole country can strive for during these challenging times.

Alex Teece is the Chief Education Officer and School Leader of DreamHouse 'Ewa Beach. A member of the founding team, Alex has worked closely with community leaders, educators, parents, children, and stakeholders to launch DreamHouse ‘Ewa Beach. He is responsible for overseeing the academic, organizational, and financial performance of the school, working closely with his school team, the school governing board, and the DreamHouse non-profit to ensure student and school success. Alex brings educational leadership, non-profit, finance, fundraising, and teaching experience to DreamHouse, holds masters degrees from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, the University of Rochester, and Harvard University, and earned a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in July 2020, with his dissertation focusing on starting new charter schools in Hawai‘i. Alex enjoys spending time outdoors with his black lab puppy and traveling with his wife to experience new foods, cultures, and places.

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